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This Is Not Just a Shampoo...

This Is Not Just a Shampoo...

Davines Creative Director, Maria Vittoria Mangiarotti, gives us a “behind-the-scenes” look at A Single Shampoo: its story, its philosophy and the meaning behind the name.

A Single Shampoo is the latest addition to the Davines family and features our most significant effort to combine a professional quality product with the highest sustainability standards. 

A 2020 ELLE Green Beauty Star and Byrdie Eco Award winner, A Single Shampoo is 100% carbon neutral, its formula is biodegradable by 98.2%, and it is made with 95% natural origin ingredients.

It mirrors our constant effort to work toward doing good for our community and the planet. Maria Vittoria Mangiarotti, Davines Creative Director, explains the philosophy of A Single Shampoo.

Davines Rob Peetoom A Single Shampoo

Maria Vittoria, A Single Shampoo is an unusual name. Tell us about it. 

A Single Shampoo owes its name and essence to a wonderful film by Tom Ford, A Single Man. The main character of the film is deeply in love with his partner, whom he lost, and he remains faithful to his love, to what he believes in, at any cost.

In the same way, this shampoo is a manifesto of the daily efforts we make to improve our knowledge, to explore and experiment alternative solutions that are good for the world and for future generations. A Single Shampoo is our way of constantly striving for what is right. 
The packaging includes a very special statement — it explains that this shampoo is not a final result, but just a step along the path of sustainable research. 
Yes, A Single Shampoo has a mantra for its journey that reads: "I went in search of a bad person; I found none as I, seeing myself, found me the worst.” 

It is a quotation by Kabir, a 15th century Indian mystic: a hymn to humbleness, to giving one’s best without denying other people’s skills. Feeling superior to others quenches any desire to grow, quest and progress.

This is what is written on the front of A Single Shampoo’s package, but what’s on the “back” is equally important and rich in stories. Like travelers who proudly carry on the shoulders a backpack filled with their values and consistent actions.

A Single Shampoo award winning Elle
It is like saying that the true destination is the journey itself... 

A Single Shampoo is an unusual product, made in its own way. No bold proclamations, no boasting about goals achieved, because its goal lies in always being on a quest. 

A Single Shampoo is aware of not being perfect, yet it will never give up trying to become so. Few people have the luxury and honor to change the world because of what they do, but everybody can change it with the way they do what they are called upon to do.

A Single Shampoo

A Single Shampoo is kind to the planet and your hair, offering a gentle cleansing and moisturizing action. Perfect for everyday use.


  • 100% carbon neutral 
  •  98.2% biodegradable formula 
  •  95% natural origin ingredients


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