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Sustainable Beauty

In Davines, we believe that living a balance of Beauty and Sustainability what we call “Sustainable Beauty” can improve our lives and the world around us.

Sustainability is not a goal, but a journey. In the journey, the human being is the key.

Thanks to everyone’s commitment, Become an Ocean Keeper are proud to kick off the 5th edition on World Ocean’s Day with the theme “The Ocean Keeper in Me”.

The Ocean Keeper in ME

We believe there are Ocean Keepers around us, they may practice a little action daily, or they may be the leader in their community. Let’s listen to the keepers around us and explore the way they take to protect the oceans.

"Sustainability is about the responsibility that we owe to ourselves, to the people around us, and to the planet.

Our goal is to do our best for the world, creating a good life for everyone through the values that guide our actions.

We shall continue to be engaged as a community, as entrepreneurs, and as humanity."

Davide Bollati
Davines Group Chairman

The Ocean Keeper says:

Mandy So
Head of Asia

Antoinette Taus
Founder of Planet CORA

Virginia Zanni
CS&P Manager

The Journey of Ocean Keepers

Become an Ocean Keeper

Get to know the plastic pollution. Start with 4R & Plastic Collection in the salon.

The Ocean Starts from Here

Call to action & take a 30 days Plastic Challenges.

Love for Ocean, Love for Earth

Get to know about Blue Carbon ecosystems. Neutralized the carbon emission.

One Ocean, One Land, One Breathe

Leverage the regeneration among ocean, land and people. Support recycled materials and reforestation.

We Commit & Support

Davines has always put great relevance on mitigating its environmental and social footprint and maximizing its positive impact. We aim to consolidate our action on sustainability and regeneration of natural and social ecosystems.

Become an Ocean Keeper continue to multiply our positive impact by uniting our international communities of caring individuals to bring a difference in places truly dear to them oceans and forest of their homelands.

To support the initiatives, thanks to the support from our business partners, NGOs, and society with an ambitious goal to involve even more stakeholders to take environmental action on global & local levels.

Thanks to our amazing community and supporter in Asia, by collaborated with One Tree Planted we planted 5,000 mangroves tress in 2022.

In 2021, we measured and neutralized 6,677kg of CO2 through Ethiotree Project, making a step forward in our commitments to reducing our carbon footprint.

The partnership with Plastic Bank allowing us to go beyond our value chain and remove plastic from coastal areas.

Our Partnership

Since 2022, we are running a global communication campaign to position Davines as a leader in terms of packaging sustainability. Starting from our eco design policy, all across the value chain.

In 2023, all Davines products are certified PLASTIC NET ZERO by Plastic Bank.

For every product we will sell in 2023, an equal amount of ocean bound plastic will be removed from the environment in Indonesia, the Philippines and Brazil. 

You are the Ocean Keeper

We delicately curated special recycled materials for the gifts, eco friendly also to present the beauty. Get your Sustainable “Ocean Keeper” Mini Bag to support the campaign. It's perfect to show that you are the Ocean Keeper.

Sustainable Ocean Keeper Mini Bag
“I am small, but I am part of the sustainability action. I am made from 100% recycled material. “

30.0% recycled cotton
70.0% recycled polyester

Purchase any 2 Essential haircare products to get the Ocean Keeper Mini Bag for free. 

MOMO Conditioner
MOMO Conditioner
MOMO Conditioner
MOMO Conditioner

MOMO Conditioner



LOVE CURL Conditioner
LOVE CURL Conditioner
LOVE CURL Conditioner
LOVE CURL Conditioner

LOVE CURL Conditioner

MOMO Shampoo
MOMO Shampoo
MOMO Shampoo
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MOMO Shampoo


$1 USD will be donated to Plastic Bank for every online transaction from June 8-30.

Discover Davines with us

A peek into what went down at the Become An Ocean Keeper Pop-up Event on June 7.

Visit our instagram @DavinesSg for more .

Together, we can really make a difference

To continue protecting the planet, we invite you to join Become a Forest Keeper and the Global campaigns to continue on the path towards sustainability.

Become a Forest Keeper

Become a Forest Keeper is a sustainability campaign that aims to spread a messages around the importance of reforestation around the globe and take a concrete action on a local level by partnering with local NGOs and forestries .

B the Change

B Corp is an important assets for our brand, and we would like to spread th evalues of being a B Corp with special activiations .

We Sustain Beauty 2023

We Sustain Beauty is the Global Launch of the year, and it’s the perfect occasion for spreading our messages with our community and positioning our brand as a sustainable pioneer.