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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: Hair-to-Toe Pampering

Ideas for that special someone on your Valentine's Day gift list

Valentine's Day is for showering the people in your life with extra love, whether it’s your significant other, friends, family, or — equally important — yourself. There is nothing better than giving and receiving from the heart, so we've curated a collection of our favorite Valentine's Day treasures for everyone special in your life

Limited-Edition Gift

This year, we are sharing our love with you, with a limited-edition LOVE body product created exclusively for the heart-filled holiday season. Indulge in the refreshing flowery, citrusy fragrance notes for a pure pampering experience.

LOVE Body Wash 250ml

Count on this soothing body wash to make you feel fresh and indulgent on those bitter-cold days. Its active ingredient is Minuta olive extract cultivated from Slow Food Presidia, supporting biodiversity across Italy and beyond.

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Love Body Wash.png__PID:b77e93b5-ca09-402e-aae2-dd1a3d479ec7

Gifts Made With LOVE

Two families, two methods to shower your hair with LOVE/ and reveal its true beauty. Our LOVE/ families include shampoos, conditioners, and styling products made with sustainable Slow Food Presidia ingredients designed to care for wavy, curly, or frizzy hair types. The name LOVE/ reflects how the collection is made: to cultivate love, for your hair and the planet.

  • Active ingredients from Slow Food Presidia
  • Natural origin ingredient % in shampoos: 79.7 – 82.9%
  • Natural origin ingredient % in conditioners: 86.8 – 94.4%
  • Recyclable carbon neutral packaging

* In Davines, an ingredient is defined of natural origin when 100% of its molecular structure is of natural origin, without any synthetic portion This criterion is different and more restrictive than the one commonly used by other brands.


For Straight, Frizz-Free Hair

Dry winter air can zap hair of its moisture, leaving it weak, brittle, and frizzy. Fortified with nourishing Slow Food Presidia Minuta olive extract, our LOVE Smoothing family softens and moisturizes, letting you give the gift of healthier, silkier hair.


LOVE Smoothing
Shampoo 250ml


LOVE Smoothing
Conditioner 75ml


LOVE Smoothing
Instant Mask 1L


For Curly Hair

Wavy and curly hair requires special care, so turn to LOVE Curl. The star ingredient in this family is Slow Food Presidia Noto Almond extract, which is rich in moisturizing and elasticizing nutrients, fatty acids, and vitamins. The result? Bouncy, shiny, moisturised, and beautiful curls and waves.

DV75524_LOVE_CURL_SHAMPOO_250ML_800x800 (1).webp__PID:dd42d1a4-de1e-4d32-9fbb-36dae99bfd2a

Shampoo 250ml 


Conditioner 250ml

DV75540_LOVE_CURL_CREAM_150ML_800x800 (1).webp__PID:4a6597f1-3310-44ca-9cb0-15d09a9ba8bc

Cream 150ml


For a Salon Self Care Day

Whether you’re looking for a gift for a loved one or planning a special treatment day for yourself, booking a visit to a Davines salon is a lovely treat. Style updates, tailored advice, and some pampering relaxation time will make for a delightful experience from start to finish.


Something for Everyone

Still looking for the perfect combination for you or the person you want to treat?


Mini Masking Moments

The seven unique hair masks in The Circle Chronicles line deliver fast and targeted results — give the gift of a relaxing, cleansing self-care day with one of these favorite picks.

Find your mask match