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Our Commitment to Sustainability

Reusable and Clean Packaging for online orders

Return – Reuse - Recycle

Online shopping is fun, easy and convenient. However, have you ever thought about where the boxes and plastics used in the delivery of your order goes to? Unfortunately, trash, mostly, especially when they are not sorted for recycling. Have you ever wondered, what if we could reuse these packaging instead?

Here’s how:

Step 1: Opt-in during checkout
 At the check-out page, click the box that says I will like to opt in for recycled packaging, and will return the packaging to SingPost’s mailbox.

Step 2: What to do when you receive the parcel
 When you receive your order, start by removing the shipping label. After that, open the SWOP packing by tearing open the Velcro strip. Do not use scissors to cut open the parcel or the velcro strip.

Step 3: Return the reusable bag
Fold the SWOP pack to envelope size, stick on the returns label that came with the parcel (check inside the packaging), and drop it in a local posting box near you and it will be returned to us!

 Afterwhich, we’ll sanitize it and it will soon be ready to serve again.

Fold the SWOP pack to envelope size so that it can fit in the mail box!

Frequently Asked Questions 

Terms & Conditions

  • By clicking the opt-in box, customers acknowledge to take part in the Reusable E-commerce Packaging Pilot Project, conduct surveys when needed, and return the SWOP reusable bags after receiving it.
  • Davines Singapore reserves the right to refuse the reusable bag option if the customer has opted in before and did not return their previous SWOP bag.
  • The SWOP bag is currently available in only one size. If the products are unable to fit in the SWOP bags, orders may be packed in our regular 100% recycled box without prior notice. 
  • Limited number of SWOP bags are available, so opt-in orders will be packed in SWOP bags while stocks last. If the SWOP bag are all shipped out, orders may be packed in normal packaging without prior notice. So do return them to us to ensure we have enough to go around!